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Window Screen with Pet Mesh and Lock

This version of the Genius vertically operated, pull down Pet Screen with special 'Claw Proof ' black polyester mesh has spring loaded locking shoot bolts and is suitable for many types of domestic window. 

The roller screen mesh retracts neatly into the cassette when not required.

Pet Screens

Sliding Door Panels with Pet Mesh

The Eazy Slider is a strong extruded aluminium system that can be fitted with all grades of mesh, this makes it very suitable for general domestic use as a pet screen on many different types of doorway and window. Available as a single or double panel screen.

Pet Screens

Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors to Juliette Balconies. 

An internal screen specifically designed for use with tilt & turn windows or doorways situated above ground floor. It can sometimes be the most practical choice for doorways with restricted access e.g. when opening onto a Juliette balcony. 

Pet Screens

Regal Pet Screens

The Regal system is a strong extruded aluminium profile in white or brown finish suitable for use with claw proof pet mesh. Although this is an economy screen, the framework can be constructed to suit many different types of doorways and windows.

Pet Screens

Roller Door Screens for placid pets

The Unika retractable roller screen was previously considered unsuitable for use with pets but you know your pets best. We have been told by some customers that they perform well with certain older or calm pets. However, we would not recommend for use with kittens or other very active or larger boisterous animals.

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Genius Double or Single Retractable Door Screen with Pet Mesh

The Genius Single and Double side mounted retractable door pet screens are particularly suitable for reveal fitting into many wooden framed conservatories or they can be face fixed or part reveal/part face fixed to most Upvc doorways.

The mesh retracts fully back into the cassettes to the side(s) of the doorway when the screen is not in use. 

Closure is via a strong central magnetic strip and one side of the screen can be locked in the halfway drawn position with the latest design spring loaded slide bolt allowing easy entrances and exits thro' the single doorway. 

In most cases this model can also include the superior braking system which allows smooth & slow retraction of the mesh.

Interested in Pet Screens?

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